Many people make mistakes and lose focus when at  schools / Colleges. Many of us study when we have only one goal, which is very poorly “Being employed”.

This is one of the goals very poorly for youths. It is a very big mistake to rely on employment as the only way to run your life. This is facing most widely employed even after they have retired find themselves not even have chips shack.

It’s very sad and very shameful for you and the community in general. When you’re at school / college is the correct place to organize your life. Do not wait for a graduate (though read no end), then plan to do much work. They will find you started blaming “My friend John  ended at standard seven but has a beautiful house, has the drive, has many chickens and goats …….”. Will continue to be surprised much;  may be if you might  end up at standard seven you would be burglar. He planned his life and have alternatives.

Keep your programs based on your life  early to have a better life.

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