Sembosi IT Services , we are giving you a free tutorial on how to create blog. The following are step by step process on creating blog

1.➡️Enter to google and search for “Blogger” or www.blogger.com. Then click “Create blog”.See pic below:-

2.➡️If you have loged in you may see this account, select one and then create you profile. But it is recommended to use Google plus profile.

3.➡️Now fill your details as due to instructions then click “Create profile”.

4.➡️Then click continue to blogger to create your account.

5.➡️Its time now to create your blog, see photo bellow.

6.➡️Provide your blog name, and address then click save to continue. See instructions below.

7.➡️Now from here your blog is ready to use. But for best result including attracting high traffic you must have a good design. Contact me for best result design and affordable price.

Thanks for your time. Leave us your comment.

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