There are so many people suffering from multi account signin on their whatsapp Accounts (Hackers), especial Partners for mistrusts. Now with this trick t will not be posible to sign in to another device without password, Follow me….

STEP. 1.Launch your WhatsApp and click the gear icon on the upper right conner, see bellow

STEP. 2. Then after clicking gear icon, click settings and then account. See bellow:-

 STEP. 3. Then after, click ‘”Two factor Authentication”

STEP. 4. You will then be asked to provide 6 digital pin as a password, enter then and confirm.

STEP .5. You will also be asked to provide your email address for reseting your account in case you forget the password.

STEP. 6. Here we finish. After that now our account is safe from any login even if they have your mobile with phone numbers.

Thank you for taking your time with me on this tutorial, comment if you like it.

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