Most of the bloggers are just posting to their blogs for fun. It is not so, you can make money while sitting on your sofa or sleeping on your bed.
Today A’m going to list some if not all Ad networks suitable for your blog.

1. GOOGLE ADSENSE  : This is the master of all Add networks and almost the best for every publishers.
This is why it is the best

  • .Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
  • .Ad Types: Display, Video, text, image
  • .Offer Types: CPC
  • .Payment Methods required: Check, Western Union and others.
  • .Payment Threshold: $100
  • .Payment Terms: Net-30
NOTE: Swahili Language is not yet supported by Adsense. Read more here


Chitika is an established display advertising network that provides its services to both publishers and advertisers alike.They aprove you request as soon as you sign up, you get code then you put to your site. For more info click here

3. CLICKSOR: This is another ad networks which support both Advertisers and the publishers, for more info click here  

4. INFOLINKS This is also Ad Network which give chance to both Advertiser and Publishers
For more info CLICK HERE

This is also Ad Network which doesn’t about your sites’ traffic, SIGNUP TODAY to enjoy.

Come back again for more Ad Networks to earn more money .

N.B: To every network except Google Adsense, what you have to do is selecting a Publishers Account.

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