PWANI, TANZANIA. The recent news is that,  three residents of Nyamisati Village at Kibiti district allegedly died after being shot by unknown assailants overnight.

One resident of the village who identified himself by one name, said Hamza among those beaten was  a woman who is chairman of one of the  Neighborhood  village.

Three people expected to loss of life, whom are  Hamid Chin, Yahaya Arid and Moshi Hammock.

Commissioner of endowment Gullamuhusein Kibiti said he had ordered the military police to the district area for evidence.

We will continue to bring you more information about this event.

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Regional Police Commander Pwani, Onesimus Lyanga said the information was available, the two men were shot dead in the village of Nyamisati, Kibiti, then that makes it a crime to take the injured to leave them.

Preliminary information provided by residents of the village witnesses stated three people have been shot dead overnight.

But speaking to The Citizen this morning, Commander Lyanga said two people were shot and wounded by unknown criminals disappear with them.

“We are continuing with the investigation.” Said the commander Lyanga

In these recent days, Pwani has been hit by the Criminal Cases of Frequently. The government urgently look at this issue in a special eye because innocent people have been loosing life.

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