Benefiting from bloging is not just the matter of posting, it is much father. Before creating your blog, first you have to:-
1. Think of the brand to deal with. This includes your ambition and ability to run it, surviving from the compitition because there might be other bloggers running the same brand. I will talk much about it on the next article (part. 2)
2. How much resources have you prepared for your brand?, do you have enough time with you blog?. Take note that, blog is just like a lover (wife | husband), that means it need care, much time and closely supervision, as dening it, you won’t benefit anything from it.
Above are just some of pre-bloging tips you must know.
I’m also a blogger, but at the begining it was not easy for me to gain any attention from the public, but being patient with ambition now i have a big family on the net (MORE THAN 5,000/=). So you have to be patient for your site to feed you.
I fear than some people are just use their blogs for fun while wasting their time as an important resource in any development. Therefore, i’m here to open your eyes but doesn’t mean that you are blind, nope! Just to make you understand what you did not understand before.
Today i’m ending here, next article i will base on the factors you have to consider on the selection of the brand you want to run, being music, Articles, E-commerce and much more.
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